Monday, March 6, 2017

Review: Daemon World

Daemon World by Ben Counter is probably one of the most interesting Black Library books I have ever read.  Originally published in 2003, it is still relevant a decade and a half later because of the creative insights it offers.

The story centers around a daemon planet in the Maelstrom called Tovendis.  Hotly contested by the various factions of chaos, Tovendis has changed hands innumerable times over the eons.  So many beings have been slain over the course of these wars that the strata of the planet is piled thick with fossils from dead beings and former masters.

The planet is currently ruled by Lady Charybdia, daemon princess of Slaanesh.  At the time, she is clearly dominant over the populace, and she is supported by endless worshipers, sorcerers, cultists, chaos space marines, and daemons.

The tides of fortune may however be shifting.  In the mountains, barbarians are banding together to form a potentially mighty force.  Khorne daemons have reappeared without warning and threaten the world with their ancient, blood thirsty malevolence.  A mysterious Word Bearer sorcerer is also loose upon the land, pursuing his own unknown agenda. 

The planet itself is calling for death and slaughter.  Before the story is complete few will be left standing.

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