Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Six lesser known facts about Chemos and the III Legion

1.  Agrippa of Chemos was one of the greatest swordsmen in the galaxy, and one of the classic schools of fencing in the Warhammer universe is named after him.  (Source: Priests of Mars).

2. The Quarzhazat was a legendary monster of Chemos that flew high in the skies and plucked whole cities and lone travelers from mountain tops.  (Source: Fabius Bile Primogenitor).

3. Deserters of the III Legion would have to seek forgiveness in the test of steel, a gauntlet in which the members of his company would attack him freely with blades.  (Source: Fabius Bile Primogenitor).

4. The Chemosian Cantos were a holy scripture written in honor of Slaanesh in the final hours of Chemos.  (Source:  Fabius Bile Primogenitor).

5. The capital city of Chemos was Callax, and this is where the fortress monastery of the Emperor's Children was located.

6. Fulgrim once created an edifice known as the "Perfect Fortress" on the planet of Narsis.  It was very beautiful, but also intended to present the flawless defense.  (Source: Deliverance Lost).

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