Sunday, January 8, 2017

Six Emperor's Children Archetypes

There are six tropes that one commonly finds in Emperor's Children characters: the Aristocrat, the Otherworldly, the Master Swordsman, the Mad Scientist, the Addict, and the Defiler

The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat is a sophisticate familiar with the finer aspects of life.  He is cultured and is an expert on art, gourmet food, music, theater and cultural norms.  He can interact seamlessly with the upper crust of society, and behaves himself without embarrassment in any formal setting.  He may however also be arrogant or decadent.

Examples of this trope: Eidolon, V from V from Vendetta, James Bond, Hannibal Lecter, Magneto from X-Men, Rarity from MLP, Narsus from the Heroic Legend of Arslan, Boston Brahmins

The Otherworldly

The Otherworldly is androgynously beautiful, ethereal and magically powerful.  He is magnetically charismatic, associated with elves and commonly associated with shifting otherworldly iridescent colors.  He may have violet eyes and white or silver hair.

Examples of this trope: FulgrimThe RadiantElricSaruman of LOTR, Oberon from Shakespeare, Veela from Harry Potter, Targaryens from Song of Fire and Ice, Alexandria's Genesis, Aasimar from AD&D

The Master Swordsman

The Master Swordsman has dedicated himself to perfection with the blade.  No one can draw a weapon faster than him, swing it with less effort, or make it look more beautiful

Examples of this trope: Lucius, Ravasch Cario, Agrippa, Ardantes, Tachibana Ukyo from Samurai Showdown, Sasaki Kojiro from ancient Japan, Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride, Raphael from Soul Calibur, Kensai class in AD&D.

The Mad Scientist has a master plan that he is trying to accomplish for the sake of progress, which only he has the genius to envision or put into motion.  Others are needless constrained by petty matters such as morals and societal norms, but the Mad Scientist has transcended such limitations.

Examples of this trope: Fabius Bile, Frankenstein, Villains in Dr. Who, Daedalus, Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Emmett L. Brown from Back to the Future, Dr. MoreauDr. Strangelove, Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, Hojo from FF VII

The Addict

The Addict is one who is able to feel transcendental bliss through self abandon to a mystical, reality altering experience, whether it is drugs, religion, lurid behavior, music, dance or some other source.  The Addict needs a constant supply to refresh his addiction, or risks going into withdrawal.  The Addict may be seeking to attain some ultimate nirvana like experience by becoming permanently one with the ultimate experience.

Examples of this trope: Noise Marines, Slaanesh, the Eldar, Rumi the sufi, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Slo-Mo in Dredd, the Wretched in Wow

The Defiler

The Defiler engages in all sorts of depraved, horrifying behavior, ordinarily involving pain, disgust, torture, perversion, cruelty or body horror.  A true example of chaotic evil, the Defiler acts sadistically out of a villainous desire for self gratification, and without concern for the suffering of his victims.

Examples of this trope: Fabius Bile, the Joker, Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs, Alex from Clockwork Orange, T-Bird from The Crow, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter, Magic Man from Adventure Time, Marquis de Sade

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