Monday, December 12, 2016

Review of The Embrace of Pain

The Embrace of Pain is an audio drama by Ian St. Martin released as part of Advent 2016.

"Lucius the Eternal is openly challenged by a champion of the old Death Guard Legion. Could an immortal daemonhost, blessed by Nurgle, be the undoing of the blademaster’s curse?"
The Emperor's Children have been surprisingly popular with Black Library this Advent.  In addition to the excellent novel Fabius Bile: Primogenitor, this is the third short story or audio drama released in December.

This work provides a small window into Lucius' regular existence in the Eye of Terror.  One should not expect any great plot developments.  However the drama is deftly executed, and the voice acting is well done.  And similar to a number of the other recent Emperor's Children stories recently released, there is a sense that the warp is trying to tell the remaining remnants of the III legion something of note.  An event of great significance may be coming in the near future.

Overall I give this audio drama a *** of out five.

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