Friday, December 23, 2016

Emperor's Children short fiction: The Lucid Blade

Chapter I:   

Alsace Kojiro strode across the crackling tundra, his indigo eyes glinting with amusement.  The void stalker had sought to come upon him unaware.  Thanks to an indistinct shimmer in the air and the sound of snapping reeds, he had however been alerted of its presence well in advance.  Once close enough Alsace had struck, his sizzling power sword exploding into his hand in a flash of color and light.  The battle had been over in mere seconds.  Now the defeated creature’s carcass lay slumped behind him, gently effervescing into a volcanic pool of sulfurous water. 

Alsace was a true son of Fulgrim.  His features were aristocratic and proud.  Stirred by his recent clash, his long snowy locks swirled around him dramatically in shining diaphanous waves.  The faded travel cloak that Alsace wore could not mask his massive physique, or muffle the soothing purr of his venerated purple magenta power armor underneath. 

Alsace had a purpose for being on this subarctic planet.  Eighty years earlier the III Legion strike cruiser Veritable Intensity had hurriedly translated from the warp close to Ophelia IV, heavily wounded and bleeding white hot promethium into the atmosphere.  The trajectory of the mighty warship had arced violently through the skies of the planet, culminating in a catastrophic crash on the previously pristine snowy surface.  None of the crew had survived, such was the impact of the massive collision.  Lost with the calamity had been one of the true relics of the Legion: 

Lux in Tenebris, the lucid blade.     


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