Thursday, August 18, 2016

28th Expedition

In the 203rd year of the Great Crusade, War Council logs indicated that there were:
  • 4,287 expedition fleets engaged in active exploration
  • 372 expedition fleets engaged in refit and repair
  • 60,000 (approx.) detached compliance groups involved in occupation and colonization
The 28th Expedition Fleet was commanded by Fulgrim. 

The name of the imperial army regiment accompanying the Emperor's Children were the Archite Palatines.  Their uniform consisted of red tunics and silver breastplate.

The Commander of the Archite Palatines was Thaddeus Fayle.  He was a stern man with a horribly scarred face, augmented with a steel plate that obscured the side of his head.  He was a skilled general, a blunt speaker and a ruthless, unforgiving soldier.

Presumably during the heresy the Palatines remained aligned with the Emperor's Children, eventually morphing with their remembrancers into their supporting masses of unaugmented human worshippers of Slaanesh.

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