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Emperor's Children Timeline

Previous Ages

Circa years 0 - 14,000
Age of Terra / Age of Progress

Circa years 14,000 to 24,000
Dark Age of Technology.  Height of human technology.

Circa years 24,000 to 29,000
Age of Strife / Old Night.  Human civilization fragments, as the men of iron rebel and warp storms erupt across the galaxy.


Circa year 28,000
Birth of Slaanesh ends the Age of Strife.  The warp storms across the galaxy calm.

Circa year 28,000 
Unification Wars.  The Emperor unifies Terra.

30th Millennium 

Circa year 29,750
The Primarchs are scattered across the galaxy. 

Circa year 29,800 
The Emperor launches the Great Crusade.

Circa year 29,810 
Proxima insurrection. The III Legion saves the Emperor's life, and earns the right to bear the Palatine Aquilla on their breast plates.  

Circa year 29,811 
The Emperor's Children reserve gene-seed lost en-route to Luna whilst the stock held on Terra is obliterated by an artificial pathogen.  The Legion has no remaining gene seed and so they are unable to expand and their numbers dwindle rapidly.

Circa year 29,811
The Emperor arrives at Chemos.  Fulgrim was found after Horus, Russ, and Ferrus Manus.  Fulgrim officially names the remaining 200 legionaries the Emperor's Children.

Years 29,811 to 29,900
The legion begins to rebuild strength with recruits from both Terra and Chemos. 

Circa year 29,815 
The defense of Tranquility close to the Dalinite Nebula with the Luna Wolves.

Year 29,840 
Pride of the Emperor (Fulgrim's Gloriana class flagship) keel is laid down on the Jupiter shipyards. 

Circa year 29,900 
Battle with Eldar.  Rylanor mortally wounded.

Circa year 29,946 
Brotherhood of the Phoenix established for Lord Commanders and Company Captains.

Circa year 29,950 
28th expedition launches out on its own, without the Lunar Wolves.

Circa year 29,960 
Katara (Twenty-Eight-One) brought to compliance: Acting Lieutenant Commander Abdemon orders invasion of the largest Kataran city complex, leading to the duel between himself and the Kataran Champion, and the establishment of Katara as a Mortuary World.

Circa year 29,975 
Praxil (Twenty-Eight-Two) brought to compliance. Led by Lord Commander Iddinam, with reinforcements from the Blood Angels and Imperial Fists

31st Millennium

Year 30,000 
Triumph of Ullanor.

Year 30,001 
Council of Nikaea.  Fulgrim supports the use of Psykers even though the Emperor's Children demur their use for themselves.

Year 30,001
Preaixor Campaign with Death Guard

Year 30,002
Pacification of Schravaan with Luna Wolves, Iron Warriors, Imperials Fists vs. Xenos Badoon.

Year 30,003
Laeran (Twenty-Eight-Three) brought to compliance. (Fulgrim Novel)

Year 30,003 
Compliance of Murder.

Year 30,003
The Diasporex action with the Iron Hands.

Year 30,004
Fulgrim meets with Eldrad Ulthran on Tarsus.

Year 30,004
Battle of Deep Orbital DS191.  Near-destruction of the Second Company under the command of Solomon Demeter.

Year 30,004
Fulgrim executes Lord Commander Vespasian.

Year 30,004
Fulgrim goes to meet Ferrus Manus at Callinedes IV to try and win him to Horus' side. The rest of the Legion head to Istvaan.

Year 30,005 
Istvaan III atrocity.  The Age of Darkness (the Horus Heresy) officially begins, ending with the Siege of Terra in Year 30,14.

Year 30,006
The first performance of the Maravaglia.

Year 30,006, 566/1000 
Istvaan V Drop-site Massacre.

Year 30,006 
Traitors' Conclave.

Year 30,006 
Fulgrim orders the attack of Prismatica V. Eidolon executed for insubordination, but later revived by Fabius.

Year 30,006
Siege of the Perfect Fortress vs. Raven Guard.  (Deliverance Lost Novel)

Year 30,006 
Emperor's Children meet with with the Iron Warriors after First Siege of Hydra Cordata.  (Angel Exterminatus Novel)

Year 30,006 

Battle of Iydris.  Fulgrim ascends to daemonhood after finding the Angel Exterminatus with the aid of the Iron Warriors.  (Angel Exterminatus Novel)

Year 30,008
Battle of Molech.  (Vengeful Spirit Novel)

Year 30,310
Battle of Nyrcon with Salamanders

Circa Year 30,310
Battle of Carandiru with Sons of Horus and Raven Guard (Ravenlord)

Year 30,311
Emperor's Children battle with White Scars at Battle of Kalium Gate and then at the Battle of Cattlaus.  (Path of Heaven Novel)

Year 30,014 
Siege of Terra.

Year 30,014 - 30,021
The Great Scouring

Circa 30,500
Battle of Skalathrax

Circa 30,700
Eye of Terror Slave Wars

Subsequent Millennia

Year 33,764 
The Shattering

Circa Year 35,000
Age of Apostasy

Year 36,599
The Black Crusade of Jihar the Lacerator

Year 36,993
The Battle of Belial IV

Year 39,929
Skarvus Ambush

Year 40,460
Gaudinian Heresy

Year 40,999
Destruction of Ichorax

Year 40,999
The 13th Black Crusade

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