Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Successor Chapters

Did the Emperor's Children have any successor chapters?

Officially, no.  After the Horus Heresy many of the Emperor's Children were based in the Canticle City on the daemon planet Harmony.  They were led by Fabius Bile, who was experimenting on creating clones of primarchs.  Harmony was invaded in late M31 by Abaddon and his nascent Black Legion, and the Emperor's Children scattered.  What is left of their legion is currently splintered into numerous squabbling warbands located in the Eye of Terror.

There are rumors that various EC groups are led by Lucius, a revived Eidolon, Fabius Bile (the Consortium), Jihar, Dzyban, the Radiant / Oleander and the Sapphire King.
There are also rumors that the Red Scorpions might be a surviving loyalist branch of the Emperor's Children.  The Red Scorpions are notable for their extreme adherence to the virtue of purity, and are a favorite chapter of Forge World.  Their gene seed is renown as the purest in the galaxy.  Red Scorpions participated in the Siege of Vraks, the Anphelion Project, and the Badab War.

The 34th Millennial of the Emperor's Children were also proud loyalists that clashed violently with their former brothers, and the current Death Eagles chapter may very well be their legacy.

Despite superficial similarities other Slaneesh warbands such as the Flawless Host, Angels of Ecstasy, Exquisite Host, Flickering Blades, and the Violators are not believed to be Emperor's Children, although this is far from certain.

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