Sunday, March 20, 2016

Horus Heresy: Drop Assault Review

Drop Assault is a Clash of the Clans style mobile game set in the 30k universe.  You take on the role of either a loyalist or traitor faction of the Emperor's Children, Sons of Horus, Death Guard, or World Eaters and build a base and army and attempt to dominate the planet.  Each legion receives a particular special bonus.  In the case of the EC they have a +10% movement bonus.

The game play is fairly simple, divided into attack and defense.  On defense you spend energy and time on your base to slowly erect and improve buildings such as power generators and munition drops to improve your resources and capabilities.  You also build defensive weapons to repel attacks and  rally zones to muster armies to invade other players.  Each building takes an increasing amount of time and power to construct, which can be reduced by using currency paid from real life or by voluntaily watching ads for other mobile games.

On attack you use the troops that you have gathered to attempt to invade other players and sites and attempt to steal their resources.

At the higher levels of play the EC offer the use of specialized Phoenix Guard, which are like normal terminators but faster moving.

The game also allows you to enter a chapter with other players and socialize,  which is kind of like a guild.  I'm in a loyalist EC themed chapter called Phoenix Guard.

Overall the game is fairly diverting, as long as one has a reasonably high tolerance for the money grabs.  It is fun to see the units and lore of the HH come to life in a mobile game.  

Grade wise I'd give this game a B-.  Worth giving a try but not for every one!

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