Thursday, March 24, 2016

E-Book Recommendation: the Tyrant's Champion

The Tyrant's Champion is an excellent Black Library short story by Sarah P. Cawkwell about Vorenus, a warrior of the Emperor's Children who fights along side the Red Corsairs in the 40K universe.  Huron Blackheart, Master of the Red Corsairs, seeks a new champion for his warband.  Vorenus is one of several hopefuls that seek to claim this honor through a trial by combat.

This story provides a strikingly clear vision of what a member of the Emperor's Children should look and fight like centuries after the Horus Heresy.  Vorenus is a true son of Fulgrim.  He is elegant, refined and aloof.  He is swift with his sweeping spatha long sword, eschewing the axes preferred by his less cultured associates.  He is artistic in temperament, entranced equally by the beauty of combat and aesthetic ornamentation.  He wears his former head of ghost fine pale hair shaved close to his head for reasons of battlefield practicality, but still clearly remains a "peacock among the poultry."

The perfection that Vorenus seeks is the rush of battle and experience, culminating in the ideal death in battle.

I highly recommend this book to any fan of the Emperor's Children.  A+

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