Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Deathwatch Mobile Game

It's often difficult to adapt the rules of tabletop games to computers or tablets.  Attempts have been a mixed bag, with games like Warmachine: Tactics providing reasonably acceptable translations while games like Space Hulk falling disappointingly short  The new mobile game, Deathwatch, however provides a genuinely enjoyable experience.

The game is somewhat similar to Space Hulk insofar as the player controls a kill team of space marines against hordes of nefarious tyranids.  However the controls of the game have been considerably streamlined in comparison to its somewhat ponderous predecessor, leading to superior, more intuitive gameplay.  The game has also been infused with a limited role playing element, where you can select members of your kill team from the ultramarines, blood angels, or space wolves and build them up and watch their skills expand.

Overall one of the better new 40k mobile games out there and a must try.

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